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I am not defined by the baggage I carry but by the  courage I’ve displayed in unpacking my bags and dealing with the contents.

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Let the divine masterpiece you truly are shine through with increasing clarity and purpose. Let your courage, love and joy illuminate naturally from within and make an impact wherever you go.

It gave me great pleasure to co-design the Lynn Forbes Inspire Courage by Mintaka Collection. Our desire to make an impact in the lives of woman was the inspiration behind the luxurious leather handbag collection.

Each style in the collection was carefully named to carry through the message of inspiring courage.

The Collection in available in Rose Gold, Silver and Gold and has my name debossed on the inside of each piece.

LYNN (Handbag) – I AM COURAGE. This elegant handbag carries a message of courage. I embrace everything that I am and strive to live my most authentic life. I am unique with a confident touch of style. I am adaptable, resilient and strong. I am courage.

Features: Lynn has a carry handle as well as a long shoulder strap. Inside she has 4 compartments and a zip pocket. On the back of the last inner compartment there are also 4 credit card pockets and a long slip pocket.

Size: W370mm x H235mm x D30mm

JOY (Purse) – I AM JOY. Taken from my second name, JOY speaks to the art of joyful living and the self discipline required to live a joyful existence, finding the joy within oneself rather than searching for happiness externally. Joy comes from my heart and soul, from a state of being derived from striving to be constantly grateful and knowing how to be happy by myself. I am joy.

Features: Joy is a 3-fold purse with 12 credit card pockets and 3 long slip pockets on the inside. She has a slip pocket and a zip pocket on the outside.

Size: W195mm x H110mm x D20mm

GLAMMY (Clutch) I AM LOVE. Age and experience are my best friends. I don’t settle for graceful ageing, but rather ageing with passion. I live the way I envision myself living. I am glamorous, adventurous and unconventional. I am aware of my connection with all beings, giving of myself to others without conditions. I am Love.

Features: Glammy Clutch has 2 compartments and a zip pocket. On the back of the last inner compartment there are also 4 credit card pockets and a long slip pocket. On the back she has a zip pocket.

Size: W285mm x H155mm x D25mm

We opted for luxurious metallic leathers in gold, silver and rose gold. Each colour carries symbolic significance. Gold is a symbol of courage; silver represents sophistication and glamour; and rose gold symbolises love and joy. Each colour is significant to the Mintaka and Lynn Forbes stories. Leather signifies power, protection, strength and uniqueness, has its own fingerprint and is strong and durable. These are qualities and characteristics which we believe every woman has within her.

Mintaka is a South African brand that was brought to life to drive sustainable employment to women in our community. Each piece that is sold assists in keeping 35 South African women employed. On average each breadwinner supports another 5 family members. 

I wanted to design a handbag collection that would be a woman’s best friend. Therefore, there is meaning and intent in every element and detail of the collection. My desire is to put a handbag into a woman’s life that will affirm who she is, capturing the essence of what she represents, a beautiful accessory that reflects her inner beauty, strength and compassion. I want her to be constantly reminded of her worth, impact and power.

My wish is for every woman who will own one of these beautifully crafted handbags, to own her story and when she looks at my name embossed on her handbag, she will be reminded of the courage it took for her to speak out and free herself from her past. I wants to inspire women to find the courage to share their own stories, whatever they may be, in order to move beyond the limitations of their life experiences, to learn to love who they are and to find joy in life.

Share the load, shed the baggage.

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Inspire Courage

– Inspire Courage –

I understand many of the short and long-term effects suffered by victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse because I have experienced them myself. We live with these memories for a very long time …

Like most survivors, I have kept my abuse a “secret” for many years after the abuse had ended. I know how difficult it is to speak out because of the fear of being met with resistance or because you feel that you can’t trust anyone.

My purpose is no longer restricted to survivors of childhood sexual abuse but rather to make a positive impact in the life of every human being I encounter on a daily basis.

I collaborate with existing organisations to provide safe platforms where the most vulnerable members of society can find their voices, talk about their feelings, find a way of dealing with the effects of their experiences and heal.

 My aim is to positively impact those who can’t speak for themselves and inspire courage in those who have not found their voices