Review: Biominceur Slimming Body Wrap

I was looking for quick fix and Life Day Spa Fourways offered the perfect solution in the the Biominceur Slimming Body Wrap which promised immediate dramatic and lasting results!

There comes a time when we all need some magical intervention … a small miracle.

After 6 months of s training for my Kilimanjaro expedition, a strenuous but exhilarating climb and an epic summit in July last year, I returned feeling blissfully happy but exhausted.

I made a decision to take a few weeks off from walking and exercise to give my body a well-deserved break. A few weeks soon became a few months and by the beginning of October, I was starting to see and feel the effects of my lack of exercise.

My clothes were fitting just a little more snug, I started noticing an increase in the dreaded “orange peel” skin and appearance of cellulite and overall my body just felt less firm and less toned.

The festive season was lurking around the corner, bringing with it year-end functions in abundance. I was launching my handbag collection in November, for which I obviuously wanted to look my best. To top it all, I received an invitation to join Mrs SA 2018, Nicole Capper and some of the Mrs SA 2019 finalists, on a 3-day Influencer event at Monate Game Lodge in Limpopo. Guess who else was joining us? None other that the queen of fitness and adventure sport herself, Letshego Zulu!

I needed a miracle … fast.

I was looking for quick fix and Life Day Spa Fourways offered the perfect solution in the the Biominceur Slimming Body Wrap which promised immediate dramatic and lasting results!

  • Detox
  • Centimetre loss
  • Firm & Tone
  • Stimulate Lymph
  • Improve Cellulite, stretch marks & varicose veins

I did my first session, lost a total of 9,5cm and was hooked. I then decided to do the recommended 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks. In between sessions with my therapist, I used the Biominceur Home Care products. The results were astounding!

My results after 8 treatment sessions

  • I lost over 90cm in total (mostly around my waist)
  • My skin was firmer and definitely more toned
  • Stretch marks appeared much lighter
  • The huge improvement of the appearance in cellulite was most visible
  • I lost a total of just under 3kg’s
  • My clothes were definitely fitting better, especially around the hips and waist

My personal experience with the Biominceur Slimming Body Wrap

Each treatment session lasted for about 60 minutes and was administered by a one of the friendly and competent therapists.

The Biominceur gels and creams contain a high level of active ingredients and uses both hot and cold thermo agents which stimulates lyphatic drainage and targets fatty deposits.

Each session starts with body measurements being taken and documented. After application of the first two gels, the treated areas are covered with cling wrap and I got to relax for about 30 minutes, getting a head or foot massage while the gels heat up and does the magic. There is no compression of the tissues involved, results are achieved due to the active ingredients contained in the products. The cling wrap is the removed and then the third gel is applied. At this stage my body started feeling very cold. Body measurements are taken and documented once again after the session. The products are not washed off as the slimming, firming and toning effect continues for 12 hours following treatment.  I did not exercise at all during my eight sessions of treatment but was told that the results would be better if I had to work out after treatment sessions.

How did the 3 days away with the MRS. SA beauties go, you might ask …

I looked every bit the part and felt completely confident during my photoshoot with the Mrs SA finalists, Nicole Capper and Letshego Zulu. We had the most incredible time!

I am now back to my active lifestyle, healthy living and adventure but I can honestly say that the Biominceur Slimming Body Wrap worked miracles for me when I needed it.

Please contact Life Day Spa Fourways  for more information on the Biominceur Slimming Body Wrap or to book your complimentary consultation to create a personalised slimming programme.

Images courtecy of Megan McCabe Photography,  shot on location in The Cave at Monate Game Lodge.

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