– Inspire Courage –

Lynn Forbes is an Inspirational Speaker and Lifestyle Influencer

She shares her life journey and personal experiences to inspire self-love and self-awareness in others. Her belief is that any lasting transformation has to happen from the inside out and her purpose is to make a positive impact.

As an Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Lynn challenges the stigma surrounding childhood sexual abuse, the silence which protects the perpetrator and the shame and denial which fuels the epidemic. She believes that we have a responsibility to speak out against the abuse of children and a responsibility to raise children who won’t spend their adult lives recovering from their childhoods.

She collaborates with existing organisations, to provide safe platforms where the most vulnerable members of society can find their voices, talk about their feelings, find a way of dealing with the effects of their experiences, tell their stories and heal. Her aim is to positively impact those who can’t speak for themselves and inspire courage in those who have not found their voices.